The Bubbles Scratch Card Game Details for Online Players

The Bubbles Scratch Card Game Details for Online Players

August 20, 2019 Off By Oneida

Scratch cards have always been a very popular form of recreational gaming. Scratch cards have been around since about 1974 when the Scientific Games Corporation first developed a computer generated lottery system that became the basis for scratch cards. The first, latex covered scratch cards became a huge hit with the public. The biggest downside was the litter created by losing tickets. With the arrival of the digital age, even scratch cards have now become paperless. Bubble Scratch Card is a great example of a popular online scratch card.

Bubble Scratch Card Game Details

Bubble Scratch Card is played via your browser’s Macromedia Flash player. This means that right off the bat, this scratch card title will be fully compatible on whichever internet enabled device you choose to use, whether it be a Windows PC or Android device. The basic scratch card will cost 2 Euros per card. The Return To Player rate of Bubbles Scratch Card is 90.3%

How to Play Bubbles Scratch Card

When you start a new game, you can purchase a scratch card by clicking on the buy game button. You will see the screen now fill with 8 bubbles. In game you will get to pop 6 of those 8 bubbles. The pin icon will pop the bubbles one by one. If you click on the Auto Pick button, 6 bubbles will automatically be popped for you. The aim of the game is to find 3 golden coins in the 6 bubbles you can pop. Your potential jackpot prize can be seen in the Potential Win window. The more you play Bubbles Scratch Card, the higher your potential win becomes. The biggest pay out offered by Bubbles Scratch Card is 50 000 Euros.

The Bubbles Scratch Card In Game Options

Bubbles Scratch Card features two in game options. Clicking on the question mark icon will open up the Game Rules menu and the Game History menu. The Game History menu will display all the games played and the winnings attached to each card. This option however is not available during free play mode; the game history will only be displayed when players are using real money wagers. The Speaker icon will turn the in game sound on or off. The Pay table button will display how the winning mounts are structured percentage wise, based on 1000 000 games.

Real and Free Money Wagering

Bubbles Scratch Card can be played for free in order to see the mechanics of the game. If you want to win real cash prizes like in online blackjack Canada, you will need to use real money to purchase the virtual scratch cards. Real money wagering is made quite simple. If you choose to play Bubbles scratch card at an online casino, they will provide you with a list of all services they use to make real money deposits and withdrawals. These services include PayPal, Skrill, PaySafe and more. You may also use most major credit and debit cards to perform these transactions. Most reputable sites will ensure a safe and secure online environment that guarantees your details are kept completely private. Most sites should also carry certification by third party company that performs audits on the specific casino site’s software to ensure that the random numbers generated during play are indeed random.